Number Title Crosslistings
MEDREN 105 Old World/New Histories, 500-1500 CE History 105, African and American Studies 134
MEDREN 128 War and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance History 128
MEDREN 135 Silk Roads and China, Ancient and Medieval Transformations History 135, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 207, Religion 181
MEDREN 248S Women and Power in the Renaissance History 258S, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies 258S, Romance Studies 258S
MEDREN 254 The Expansion of Medieval Europe History 254
MEDREN 255 The Caribbean, 1492-1700 History 318, African & African American Studies 218
MEDREN 259 Europe Before The Crusades History 245
MEDREN 268 Islamic Civilization I Religion 375, Cultural Anthropology 256, History 210, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 122, Ethics Elective, Information Science + Studies, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 269 Islamic Civilization II Religion 376, Cultural Anthropology 257, History 211, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 185, International Comparative Studies, Ethics Elective, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 272 British Isles in the Middle Ages History 247
MEDREN 281 Religion, Reform, and Violence in Early Modern Europe History 257, International Comparative Studies
MEDREN 287 Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400 History 260, Science & Society 260
MEDREN 287D Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400 History 260D
MEDREN 289 Rise of Modern Science: Early Science through Newton History 302
MEDREN 305S The Viking Age German 261S, History 256S
MEDREN 343 Cities and City Life in Italy Italian 383, History 237, Cultural Anthropology 383
MEDREN 343A Cities and City Life in Italy Italian 383A, History 237A, Cultural Anthropology 383A
MEDREN 354 Medieval Christianity in Film and Fiction Religion 261, History 244, English 254
MEDREN 390S.02 Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Studies: “Reading Maps: Past and Present” History 390S.02, Art History 390S.02, Visual and Media Studies 390S.03
MEDREN 429S The Black Death and Medieval Society History 460S, Global Health 460S
MEDREN 430S Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages History 462S
MEDREN 432S Medieval Communities History 463S
MEDREN 473 What Machiavelli Really Says Italian 483, History 405, Literature 483, Political Science 483
MEDREN 551 Early Modern, Modern, and American Christianity Church History 751
MEDREN 552S Jerusalem after Rome History 522S
MEDREN 554S Columbus: A Global History History 526S
MEDREN 556S Religion, Conflict and Holy War in the Pre-Modern West: Sects and Violence History 506S
MEDREN 561S The Margins of Justice: Law and Minorities in the Middle Ages History 511S
MEDREN 570S The Society and Economy of Europe, 1400 - 1700 History 519S
MEDREN 575S Religion and Society in the Age of the Reformation History 523S
MEDREN 576S Microhistory History 520S