Graduate Program

The Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers a Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Graduate students associated with the program—whether pursuing the Interdisciplinary Certificate or participating in our lectures, workshops, symposia, and conferences—are Ph.D. candidates in Arts and Sciences departments at Duke. Th.D. students in the Divinity School may also affiliate with the program.

We work to draw graduate students into interdisciplinary exploration, encouraging them to branch out beyond the walls of home departments and forge intellectual connections with others in complementary areas of study. With over 150 graduate students and faculty at Duke and UNC alone, the Triangle area is a haven of teaching and research in medieval and early modern studies. Many of our events bring faculty and graduate students from Duke, UNC, and elsewhere together to discuss issues pertinent to cross-disciplinary work in our field. Our hope is to provide an engaged forum for those who wish to make connections across the traditionally defined disciplines and periods.