Medieval & Renaissance Studies Meetings, Lectures, Symposia, Conferences, and Workshops Approved for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate



Julia Lamm (Georgetown)
God's Kinde Love: Julian of Norwich's Vernacular Theology of Grace
CMRS Lecture
September 29, 2022

"Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Modern Poetry"
CMRS Roundtable
Kate Driscoll (Romance Studies), Astrid Giugni (English and Computational Science), Julianne Werlin (English)
October 28, 2022


Timothy Kircher (Guilford College)
“The Community of Letters in Renaissance Italy: A Conversation with Timothy Kircher”
CMRS Seminar
February 1, 2023

Arnold Hunt (Vanderbilt)
"Transitory Hieroglyphics: Gesture in the Early Modern Pulpit”
CMRS Seminar
April 17, 2023



Polly Ha (Duke), Scott Mandelbrote (University of Cambridge), Kirsten Macfarlane (University of Oxford), Simon Mills (Newcastle University), Richard Muller (Calvin Theological Seminary), Anastasia Stylianou (University of East Anglia)
"Remapping British Protestant Thought in the Long Reformation"
CMRS/JMEMS Virtual Workshop
September 21, 2021

"A Most Rare Vision"
Southeastern Renaissance Conference
Virtual Conference Hosted at Duke
October 13-16, 2021

Triangle Medieval Studies Virtual Seminar
Vicky McAlister (Southeast Missouri State University, History and Anthropology), "Seascapes of Necessity: Exploitation of Marine Resources in Medieval and Early Modern Ireland" 
Meghan Woolley (Duke, History), "Ira regis, ira iudicis: The King as Emotional Judge"
Jennifer Mackenzie (UNC, Italian), "Orlando's Queer Armorials: Inheritance as Metamorphosis in Virginia Woolf, Matteo Maria Boiardo, and Ludovico Ariosto"
October 16, 2021


Chris Warren (Carnegie Mellon) and Anupam Basu (Washington Univ.)
“Out of the Archives: Digital Projects as Early Modern Research Objects”
Folger Library / NCSU Discussion with Graduate Students
March 10, 2022

Polly Ha (Duke University)
"War without End: Dealing with Discord in Renaissance and Revolutionary England”
Divinity School Thomas Langford Lectureship Series 
March 24, 2022


No events held due to COVID



Joseph Luzzi, Bard College
“Botticelli (and Dante) Reborn: The Race to Define the Renaissance in 19th-Century Europe”
English/CMRS Lecture
Sept. 26, 2019

Stephen Fallon, University of Notre Dame
“John Milton, Isaac Newton, and the Making of a Modern World”
CMRS Lecture
Sept. 27, 2019

Karen Desmond, Brandeis University
“Torso: Piecing together the Fragmentary Remains of English Music from the Late Middle Ages”
Music/CMRS lecture
Sept. 27, 2019

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Maggie Fritz-Morkin, UNC, “Tender Debts: Erotic Obligation and Economic Models in Boccaccio’s Decameron
Alyssa Granacki, Duke, “Ghismonda Translated: Philosophy between Latin and the Vernacular (Decameron IV.1)”
Martha D. Rust, New York University, “Item: the Domains of a List”
Oct. 26, 2019


Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University
“Dante’s Inferno : The Nature of Hell and Its Vestibule”
Philosophy/CMRS Dante and Aquinas Lecture Series
Jan. 24, 2020

Helen Cushman, UNC
“‘A Strange Deformacion’: From Experience to Authority in the Middle English Mystery Plays”
English/CMRS Lecture
Jan. 31, 2020

Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University
“Dante’s Inferno : The Opportunists and the Lustful”
Philosophy/CMRS Dante and Aquinas Lecture Series
Feb. 21, 2020

“Pedagogy and the Premodern”
CMRS Symposium
Mar. 6-7, 2020



Blake de Maria, Santa Clara University
“Facets of Splendor: Gemstones and Jewelry in Renaissance Venice”
Art, Art History and Visual Studies/CMRS Lecture
Sept. 18, 2019

James Simpson, Harvard University
“The Cultural History of Hypocrisy: Late Medieval to Early Modern”
CMRS Lecture
Sept. 28, 2018

Paul Cefalu, Lafayette College
“The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Theology and Literature”
CMRS Lecture
Oct. 26, 2018


Chet van Duzer, Brown University
“Looking Slowly at Early Modern Maps”
CMRS Workshop
Feb. 22, 2019

Eleanor Johnson, Columbia University
“The Canon’s Yeoman’s Environmental Body and Wasting Poetry”
CMRS Lecture
Mar. 22, 2019



Maura Nolan, UC Berkeley
"Illusion and Aspect in the Construction of the Face: Chaucerian Individuals, Chaucerian Types"
CMRS Lecture
Sept. 22, 2017

Francis Newton, Duke Classical Studies
"A Perfected, Canonical Script: Palaeographical Soundings in the Lindisfarne Gospels"
CMRS Paleography Working Group
Oct. 17, 2017

CMRS Conference "Tragedy, Recognition, Conversion"
Jason Crawford (Union Univ.), Eleanor Johnson (Columbia Univ.), Paul Kottman (New School for Social Research), David Schalkwyck (Global Shakespeare, Queen Mary University of London), Matthew J. Smith (Azusa Pacific Univ.), Giles Waller (Univ. of Cambridge), Paul Yachnin (McGill Univ.), with graduate students Rachel Lacy (Univ. of British Columbia), Eve Preus (Univ. of British Columbia), Rob Tate (Duke), Lindsey Wedow (Univ. of Michigan)
Oct. 20-21, 2017

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Glaire Anderson, UNC, "The Sage of al-Andalus"
James Knowles, NCSU, "Serve and Deserve: Literature, Theology and the Language of Service from Chaucer to Shakespeare"
Jessica Ward, UNC Greensboro, "The Social Critique of Avarice in Estates Satire and Statuses Summae"
Oct. 28, 2017

Bryce Gessell, Duke Philosophy
"Three Newly Discovered Manuscript Copies of Émilie du Châtelet's Essai sur l'optique"
CMRS Paleography Working Group
Nov. 10, 2017

Samantha Arten, Duke Music
"'Very fals printed': Typesetting Errors in The Whole Booke of Psalmes and the Failure of Popular Music Education in Sixteenth-Century England"
CMRS Conversions Working Group
Nov. 15, 2017

Jessica Hines (CMRS Visiting Scholar), Samantha Arten (Duke Music), and Joanna Murdoch (Duke English)
"How to Begin Working with Manuscripts"
CMRS Paleography Working Group
Dec. 1, 2017

Rob Tate, Duke English
"The Use of Tragic Affects: Antony and Cleopatra"
CMRS Conversions Working Group
Dec. 6, 2017

Patricia Fortini Brown, Princeton Univ.
"The Aesthetics of Water: Wellheads, Cisterns, and Fountains in the Venetian Dominion"
Duke Art, Art History & Visual Studies/CMRS Lecture
Dec. 7, 2017


Alyssa Granacki, Duke Romance Studies
"Philogynist or Misogynist? Giovanni Boccaccio as Author of On Famous Women"
Conversions Working Group
Jan. 18, 2018

Michael Cornett, CMRS
"Medicine for Queen Elizabeth: Paleography and Editing a Historical Document"
Paleography Working Group
Jan. 26, 2018

Cristina Maria Cervone, Univ. of Memphis
"Vernacular Poetics of Metaphor and a Boethian Reading of The Miller’s Tale"
CMRS/English Lecture
Feb. 9, 2018

James Harr, NCSU
"Minnims, Ligatures, and Algorithms: Problems and Questions Surrounding Digital Paleography"
Paleography Working Group
Feb. 23, 2018

18th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Forms of Dissent in the Medieval and Early Modern World"
Plenary speakers Roseen Giles (Duke Music) and Sara Poor (Princeton)
Mar. 9-10, 2018

Hunter Corb, UNC
"Transcription as Interpretation: XML, TEI, and Digital Editions"
Paleography Working Group
Mar. 23, 2018

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Amy Vines, UNC-G, "'A Man of Mouth and Hands': Gestural Submission and Knightly Identity"
Peter Raleigh, UNC, "The Rise of the Angevins: William of Newburgh's Historia Anglorum"
Sara Poor, Princeton, "Peddling Devotion: Mothers and Daughters in Conversation Through Books"
Mar. 24, 2018

"Digital Matters in Medieval and Early Modern Studies"
CMRS Symposium
Keynote speakers Cheryl Ball (Wayne State Univ.) and Vaughn Stewart (UNC Greensboro)
Apr. 6-7, 2018

Andrea Robiglio, KU Leuven
"A Question of Testimony in Utopia (On Thomas More having read Carlo Ginzburg)"
History/CMRS Lecture
Apr. 11, 2018

Steven Justice, UC Berkeley
"Langland and the 'Merit of Faith'"
CMRS Lecture
Apr. 13, 2018

Carole Baker, Duke Divinity
"Contested Bodies: Relic Veneration in Counter-Reformation Bavaria"
Conversions Working Group
Apr. 18, 2018

Samantha Arten, Duke Music
"Writing in Their Books: Readers of Elizabethan Hymnals"
Paleography Working Group
Apr. 20, 2018



Surekha Davies, Western Connecticut State Univ.
"Thinking with Maps: Ethnography, Visual Culture, and Knowledge"
Romance Studies/CMRS Lecture
Sept. 22, 2016

Rob Tate, Duke English
"Kingdoms of God"
Conversions Working Group
Sept. 27, 2016

Ryan McDermott, Univ. of Pittsburgh
"St. Margaret Clitherow’s Hand: A Case Study in the Incorruptibility of Modernity"
Conversions Lecture Series
Oct. 21, 2016

Michael Cornett, CMRS, and Julianne Werlin, Duke English
"Working with Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts"
Paleography Working Group
Oct. 28, 2016

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Jessica Boon, UNC, "Jesus's Hyperbody: Materiality and Physiology in Castilian Passion Texts and Altarpieces"
Michael Cornett, Duke, "British Medieval Manuscripts on Microfilm: A Location Guide"
Jessica Hines, Duke, "The Politics of Compassion in Nicholas Love and Margery Kempe"
Nov. 5, 2016

Ramie Targoff, Brandeis
"Marriage and Sacrifice: The Poetics of the Epithalamia in Spenser and Donne"
English/CMRS Lecture
Nov. 10, 2016

Samuel Cohn, Univ. of Glasgow
"Abandonment and Unity: The Place of the Black Death in the Histories of Hate and Epidemics"
History/CMRS Lecture
Nov. 11, 2016

Rob Tate, Duke English
"Translation as/and Conversion"
Conversions Working Group
Nov. 15, 2016

Larry F. Norman, Univ. of Chicago
"Multiple Classicisms: Variations on an Aesthetic and Literary Ideal, 1650-1950"
Romance Studies/CMRS Lecture
Nov. 21, 2016

Joint meeting of the CMRS Conversions Working Group, Kenan Institute of Ethics, and Council of European Studies, dinner discussion of "conversions" in current faculty research with Sarah Beckwith (English), Luke Bretherton (Divinity), Mark Chaves (Sociology/Religious Studies), Martin Eisner (Romance Studies), and Laura Lieber (German/Jewish Studies)
Dec. 8, 2016


Nicole Smith, Univ. of North Texas
"Learning the Apostles' Creed: A Christian Mannes Bileeve, Lyric, and Sciences of the Heart"
CMRS Lecture
Mar. 6, 2017

17th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Transformations: Tracing Forces of Change in the Medieval and Early Modern Period"
Plenary speakers Jessica Wolfe (UNC) and Nicole Marafioti (Trinity College)
Mar. 24-25, 2017

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Rodrigo Adem, UNC, "A Changing of the Guard: The Great Epistemic Shift in 11th-Century Nishapur"
Taylor Cowdery, UNC, "Lydgate and the Surplus of History"
Elizabeth Hasseler, UNC, "The Crown of Righteousness: The Royal Saint as Rex Iustus in Norwegian and Hungarian Historical Writing"
Apr. 8, 2017

History conference, co-sponsored by CMRS
"Europe's Orders and Peace-Making: A Historical Symposium"
Keynote by Brian Vick, Emory
Apr. 12, 2017

Joint meeting of Conversions Working Group and Society of Scholars, a graduate working group of the Religions & Public Life Initiative at the Kenan Institute of Ethics
Dinner discussion with Nichole Reinhardt, Durham University, author of Voices of Conscience: Royal Confessors and Political Counsel in Seventeenth-Century Spain and France (Oxford UP, 2016)
Apr. 17, 2017

Jack Harding Bell, CMRS Visiting Scholar
"The Birth of Tragedy? Chaucer's Monk's Tale and the Paradox of the Christian Prince"
CMRS Lecture
Apr. 20, 2017

Caroline Stark, Howard Univ.
"Narratives of Virgin Sacrifice in Ancient and Renaissance Poetry on the Nature of the Universe"
CMRS/Classical Studies Lecture
Apr. 25, 2017

Taylor Cowdery, UNC
"Copia and Supposition in Skelton's English Poems"
English/CMRS Lecture
Apr. 28, 2017



"Vesalius and the Languages of Anatomy"
CMRS Symposium
With Eugene Flamm (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Cynthia Klestinec (Miami Univ.), Pablo Maurette (Univ. of Chicago), Hélène Cazes (Univ. of Victoria), Jennifer Kosmin (Bucknell), Lucia Dacome (Univ. of Toronto), Jonathan Sawday (Saint Louis Univ.), Fabrizio Bigotti (Univ. of Exeter)
Sept. 17-18, 2015

Samantha Arten, Duke Music, and Hannah VanderHart, Duke English
"Versions of Conversion"
Conversions Working Group
Sept. 29, 2015

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Neslihan Senocak, Columbia Univ., "Twelfth-Century Italian Confraternities as Institutions of Pastoral Care"
Matthew Hotham, UNC, "Wholly Bodies: The Conjunction of Asceticism and Corporeal Ascension in the Makhzan al-Asrar of Nizami Ganjavi (d. 1209)"
Brett Whalen, UNC, "The Cross and the Key"
Oct. 3, 2015

Robert Tate, Duke English
"Shakespeare's Conversions of the Tragic"
Conversions Working Group
Oct. 14, 2015

"here/then, there/now: Traversals of Time and Space in Art"
Art, Art History & Visual Studies Graduate Conference, co-sponsored by CMRS
Oct. 16, 2015

"Staging Sovereignty: Knowledge, Narratives, and Spaces of Governance"
History Dept. Graduate Student Conference, co-sponsored by CMRS
Keynote speakers Kristen Neuschel (Duke History) and Natallia Rothman (Univ. of Toronto Scarborough)
Oct. 23, 2015

Carole Baker, Duke Divinity School
"Relics and Re-conversion"
Conversions working group
Oct. 27, 2015

"Practicing Microhistory Today"
History/CMRS Symposium
Peter Arnade (Univ. of Hawaii), Tom Cohen (York Univ.), Paul Dutton (Simon Fraser Univ.), Jon Gebhardt (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Sara Petrosillo (Univ. of California, Davis), Tom Robisheaux (Duke), István Szijárto (Eötvös Loránd Univ., Budapest)
Nov. 13, 2015

Jack Bell, Duke English
"Robert Holcot's Commentary on the Book of Wisdom"
Conversions Working Group
Nov. 17, 2015

"Mobile Markers of Personhood in Medieval Urban Spaces"
Duke symposium, co-sponsored by CMRS
Haneke van Asperen (Radbound Univ.), Jennifer Lee (Indiana Univ.-Purdue), Sarah Blick (Kenyon College), Harmut Kuhne (Berlin), Flora Cassen (UNC), Lloyd DeBeer (British Museum), Shannon Gayk (Indiana Univ.), Karma Lochrie (Indiana Univ.)
Nov. 20-21, 2015


16th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Representations of the Ordinary"
Plenary speaker Jean Campbell, Emory
Feb. 19-20, 2016

Luke Bretherton, Duke Divinity School
"Neither Metamorphosis, nor Evolution, nor Emergence: On the Temporal, Moral, and Political Significance of Conversion"
Conversions Lecture Series
Feb. 26, 2016

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Kristen Neuschel, Duke, "Swords in the Crowd"
Clare Woods, Duke, "Explicating the Epistles in Carolingian Francia"
Alexandra Locking, UNC, "Manly Virtue and Womanly Compassion: Gendering Authority during the Eleventh-Century Ecclesiastical Reform"
Mar. 5, 2016

"Individuals and Legal Institutions: Jews, Christians, and Muslims and the Consumption of Justice around the Medieval Mediterranean"
Jewish Studies conference, co-sponsored by CMRS
Daniel Lord Smail, Verena Kasper Marienberg, Mathieu Tillier, Marina Rustow, Flora Cassen, Sara McDougall, Timur Kuran, Tamer El-Leithy, Andrew Burns, Rena Lauer, Rachel Furst, Pinchas Roth. Oded Zinger
Mar. 7-8, 2016

David Como, Stanford Univ.
"Occult Mysticism and Religious Transformation in Seventeenth-Century England"
Conversions Lecture Series
Apr. 1, 2016

Margot Fassler, Univ. of Notre Dame
"Hildegard of Bingen's Sounding Model of the Cosmos in the Digital Age"
Music/CMRS Lecture
Apr. 1, 2016

Anne Lake Prescott, Barnard College
"Refiguring Nowhere: Some Early Modern Spin-offs from More’s Utopia"
UNC English and Comparative Literature lecture, co-sponsored by CMRS
Apr. 14, 2016



"The World of the Early Modern Siege"
History/CMRS Workshop
Keynote talks by Anke Fischer-Kattner (Univ. der Bundeswehrwith) and Peter Wilson (Hull, UK)
Sep. 4-6, 2014

Peter Godman, Univ. of Rome, La Sapienza
"The Archpoet and Medieval Culture"
CMRS Lecture
Sep. 17, 2014

Sylvie Requemora-Gros, Univ. of Aix- Marseille
"Ecrire, imaginer, penser le voyage au XVIIe siècle"
French/CMRS Lecture
Sep. 24, 2014

Shannon Gayk (Indiana Univ. Bloomington) and Robyn Malo (Purdue)
"The Sacred Object"
CMRS/JMEMS Colloquium
Oct. 3, 2014

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Glaire Anderson, UNC, "Reframing the Arts of Cordoba"
Derek Krueger, UNC Greensboro, "Beyond Eden: Placing Adam, Eve, and Humanity in Byzantine Hymns"
J. Christian Straubhaar, Duke, "Negative Images: Henry Suso's 'glichnús' between Neoplatonic Theology and Visual Theory"
Oct. 11, 2014

Lee Manion, Univ. of Missouri
"Conversion and Crusading in Early Modern England"
CMRS Conversions Lecture Series
Nov. 7, 2014


Björn Weiler, Aberystwyth Univ.
"Uses of the Distant Past in the Age of Magna Carta"
History/CMRS Lecture
Jan. 15, 2015

Christopher Celenza, Johns Hopkins
"Machiavelli: Power, Secularism, and Instability"
CMRS Lecture
Jan. 23, 2015

Andrew Escobedo, Ohio Univ.
"On Sincere Apologies: Saying Sorry in Hamlet"
Conversions Lecture Series
Jan. 30, 2015

"New Faculty Books by Caroline Bruzelius, Martin Eisner, Valeria Finucci, Sy Mauskopf, Philip Stern, and Annabel Wharton"
CMRS Colloquium
Feb. 6, 2015

15th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Imagining the Sacred"
Plenary talk by Shannon Gayk, Indiana Univ. Bloomington
Feb. 13-14, 2015

Thomas Forrest Kelly, Harvard Univ.
"Words, Music, and Image in the Medieval Exultet Rolls"
Music/CMRS lecture
Feb. 20, 2015

Nicolette Zeeman, King's College Cambridge
"Conversion by Debate: The Challenge of Lay Multiplicity"
Conversions Lecture Series
Feb. 27, 2015

James Wetzel, Villanova Univ.
"Devil's Due: The Logic of Conversion in Descartes's Meditations on First Philosophy"
Conversions Lecture Series
Mar. 20, 2015

David Powers, Cornell Univ.
"The End of Prophecy: How Muhammad Became the Last Prophet"
Duke Islamic Studies/CMRS Lecture
Mar. 27, 2015

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Shannon Gayk, Univ. of Indiana-Bloominton, "Wearing the Armor of Christ"
Joshua Hevert, UNC, "The Fratres Peregrinates and the Archdiocese of Sultanieh, Persia"
Christopher Melchert, Oxford Univ., "Origins and Early Sufism"
Mar. 28, 2015

Brian Catlos, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
"We Ought Not Persecute Jews, but Saracens: The Lives of Muslims in Medieval Latin Christendom"
History/CMRS Lecture
Mar. 30, 2015

"Thinking through Death: The Politics of the Corpse"
CMRS/JMEMS Colloquium
With Valeria Finucci (Duke), Stanley Chojnacki (UNC), and Nicholas Terpstra (Univ. of Toronto)
Apr. 10, 2015

"Framing Violence"
History/CMRS Workshop
Keynote by Mary Dudziak, Emory
Apr. 17-18, 2015



Philippe Buc, Univ. of Vienna
"Sacred Warfare in the Christian and Post-Christian Sphere: A Specific Cultural Trait of the So-Called West?"
History/CMRS Lecture
Sep. 12, 2013

Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies Symposium, co-sponsored by CMRS
"New Directions in the Study of Medieval Masculinities"
Sep. 20-21, 2013

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
James Knowles, NCSU, "Ghastly Vignettes: Pierce the Ploughman's Crede, the Ghost of Shakespeare's Blackfriars, and the Future of the Digital Past"
Jehangir Malegam, Duke, "Learning from Leviathan: Community and Emotions in the High Middle Ages"
Lee Manion, Univ. of Missouri, "'When our kingdom had no head': Scottish Narratives of Political Power in the Later Middle Ages"
Nov. 2, 2013

"New Faculty Books: Sara Galletti (Art, Art History & Visual Studies) and Jehangir Malegam (History)"
CMRS Colloquium
Nov. 8, 2013


14th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Sovereignty: Individuality and Empire in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods"
Plenary talk by Lee Manion, Univ. of Missouri
Feb. 7-8, 2014

Anthony Bale, Birkbeck, Univ. of London
"The Pilgrim's Library: Reading and Writing, to and from Jerusalem, in the Fifteenth Century"
CMRS Lecture
Feb. 13, 2014

"Devotion and Intellectual Labor"
Joanna Picciotto (UC Berkeley), Joshua Phillips (Univ. of Memphis), Reid Barbour (UNC)
Duke CMRS/JMEMS Colloquium
Feb. 21, 2014

"The Unintended Reformation"
Brad Gregory (Univ. of Notre Dame), Thomas Pfau (Duke), Russ Leo (Princeton)
Duke CMRS/JMEMS Symposium
Feb. 28, 2014

Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Stephen White, Emory, "Was Revenge in Medieval European Societies an Urge? An Impulse? An Emotion?"
Carol Symes, Univ. of Illinois, "Everyman His Own Historian: The First Crusade and the Media Revolution in Medieval Europe"
Mona Hassan, Duke, "Conceptualizing the Medieval Islamic Caliphate"
Mar. 1, 2014

Erik Kwakkel (Leiden Univ.) and Francis Newton (Duke)
"Arabic Medicine at Monte Cassino: A Manuscript Witness from the Desk of Constantine the African"
Duke CMRS/UNC MEMS Lecture
Mar. 31, 2014

Andrew Pettegree, Univ. of St. Andrews
"The Invention of News: Creating a Commercial Culture of Information in the Age before Democracy"
CMRS Lecture
Apr. 1, 2014

Tom Cohen (Univ. of York) and George Vahamikos (Duke)
"Practicing Microhistory in Medieval and Early Modern Studies and Beyond"
CMRS Workshop
Apr. 15, 2014



Asa Eger, UNC-Greensboro, "The Islamic-Byzantine Frontier: Interaction and Exchange between Christian and Muslim Communities in the Early Islamic Period"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
September 20, 2012

"Premodern Shakespeare"
Sarah Beckwith (Duke) and James Simpson (Harvard)
CMRS/JMEMS Colloquium
Sept. 21, 2012

Shayne Legassie, UNC Chapel Hill
"The Great Khan's Delight: Sovereign Power and the Rise of Literary Travel Narrative"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Nov. 1, 2012

Francis Newton, Duke University
"In Praise of Scribes: Cassiodorus's Prose Tribute to Scriptores (Vivarium, saec. VI), and Eadui's Verse and Painted Tribute to Them in His Gospel Book (Canterbury, saec. XI in.)"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Dec. 4, 2012

Stephen D. White, Emory
"The Fables on the Bayeux Embroidery"
CMRS Lecture
Dec. 3, 2012


Jaroslav Folda, UNC Chapel Hill
"The Radiance of Byzantine Icons"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Jan. 24, 2013

Mario Klarer, Univ. of Innsbruck
"Inside a Poet's Brain: Medieval Anatomical Discourse as Literary Self-Reflection"
CMRS Lecture
Jan. 28, 2013

Richard Newhauser, Arizona State Univ.
"Vice in the Thirteenth Century: Editing William Peraldus's Summa de vitiis"
Duke History/CMRS Lecture
Feb. 25, 2013

13th North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
"Marginalia: Life on the Edges"
Plenary talk by Stephen White, Emory
Feb. 15-16, 2013

Jessica Boon, UNC Chapel Hill
"Wounded by Love: The Mystical Agony of God's Touch in Hadewijch and Ruusbroec"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Feb. 11, 2013

David Womersley, Oxford Univ.
"What Is Tragic about Othello?"
Duke English/CMRS Lecture
Mar. 1, 2013

Roberta Morosini, Wake Forest Univ.
"From Dante to Filippino Lippi: The Bull and the Holy Book in the Anti-Muhammad Legend"
CMRS Lecture
Mar. 4, 2013

Duke Political Science Conference, co-sponsored by CMRS
"Machiavelli at 500: Machiavelli’s Modern Legacy"
John McCormick (Univ. of Chicago), Cary Nederman (Texas A&M), Diego Von Vacano (Texas A&M), Erica Benner (Yale), Vicky Sullivan (Tufts), Michael Hardt (Duke), Ron Witt (Duke), Will Wittels (Duke), Catherine Zuckert (Notre Dame)
Mar. 19-22, 2013

James Knowles, North Carolina State Univ.
"Piers Plowman's Empty Verb and the Problem of Annihilation"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Mar. 28, 2013

Ron Witt (Duke History), Timothy Kircher (Guilford College), Charles Radding (Michigan State Univ.), Brett Whalen (UNC)
“Discussio of Ronald Witt’s The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italy
CMRS Colloquium
Mar. 29, 2013

Thomas F. Mayer, Augustana College
"Trying Galileo"
Duke History/CMRS Lecture
Apr. 22, 2013



Rick Barton, UNC-Greensboro
"Anger and Violence, c. 500-1200"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Sept. 22, 2011

"English Reformations: Historiography, Theology, and Narrative"
David Aers (Duke), Nigel Smith (Princeton), Jim Knowles (NCSU)
CMRS Symposium
Sept. 30, 2011

Richard Bulliet, Columbia University
"Neo-Mamluk Government, From Saladin to Mubarak"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Oct. 17, 2011

Julie Mell, North Carolina State University
"The Jewish Serfdom That Never Was: Jews and the Origins of English Representative Government"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Nov. 13, 2011


"Modern and Early Modern Notions of Legal Pluralism"
Triangle Global British History Seminar, co-sponsored by CMRS
Richard Ross (Univ. of Illinois), Philip Stern (Duke History), Julia Rudolph (NCSU)
Jan. 13, 2012

Janet Snyder, West Virginia Univ.
"The 'Head of a King' and Its Peers in Stone: Limestone Work in Twelfth-Century France"
Art, Art History & Visual Studies/CMRS Lecture
Jan. 25, 2012

Krysta Black, UNC Chapel Hill
"Manuscript Illustration in Tenth-Century Burgos: The Léon Bible of 960"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Jan. 26, 2012

"Recent Faculty Books in Medieval and Renaissance Studies"
Caroline Bruzelius (Art, Art History & Visual Studies), Liz Clark (Religion), Valeria Finucci (Romance Studies), Meg Greer (Romance Studies), Tom Robisheaux (History), Helen Solterer (Romance Studies), Fiona Somerset (English), and Philip Stern (History)
CMRS Colloquium
Jan. 29, 2012

"Knowledge: Transmission and Translation"
12th Annual North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Plenary speaker Peter Lake, Vanderbilt
Feb. 3-4, 2012

"Bridging Past and Present in German Studies"
James Schultz, UCLA, and graduate student presenters
Duke-Carolina German Studies Graduate Seminar, co-sponsored by CMRS
Feb. 16, 2012

Jonathan Elukin, Trinity College
"Is Shylock Really Jewish? The Devil, Theology, and the Meaning of The Merchant of Venice"
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Feb. 26, 2012

"Cartography and Creativity in the Age of Global Empires"
BorderWork(s) Humanities Lab, co-sponsored by CMRS
Robert Batchelor (Georgia Southern), Jason Cohen (Berea College), Katherine Harmon (Independent artist and author), Pedro Lasch (Duke AAHVS), Jonathan Ocko (NCSU), John Pickles (UNC), Sumathi Ramaswamy (Duke), Neil Safier (UBC), Benjamin Schmidt (Univ. of Washington), Philip Stern (Duke History), Victoria Szabo (Duke, AAHVS), Gennifer Weisenfeld (Duke AAHVS), Denis Wood (Independent scholar)
Mar. 17, 2012

Guido Rebecchini, Syracuse University in Florence
"Evidence, Proof, and Prodigy in Sixteenth-Century Rome"
Duke Art, Art History & Visual Studies/CMRS Lecture
Mar. 20, 2012

"Holy Relics and Cursed Bodies: The Politics of the Corpse"
Caroline Bruzelius (Duke Art History), John Jeffries Martin (Duke History), Gianna Pomata (Johns Hopkins), Thomas Robisheaux (Duke History), Romedio Schmitz-Esser (CMRS Fellow), Jill Sirko (Duke English), Nicholas Terpstra (Univ. of Toronto)
CMRS Symposium
Apr. 6, 2012

Kellie Robertson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title TBA
Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar
Apr. 12, 2012

"The Emergence of Scientific Values from the Late Middle Ages to Early Modernity"
David Marshall Miller (Duke), Edith Sylla (NCSU), Andrew Janiak (Duke), Mi Gyung Kim (NCSU), Seymour Mauskopf (Duke)
CMRS Symposium
Apr. 20, 2012