Language and Literature

Number Title Crosslistings
MEDREN 89S.01 First-Year Seminar: “Displacement and Belonging: Fiction, Roots, and Routes” Literature 89S.03, Romance Studies 89S.01, Ethics 89S.17
MEDREN 89S.03 First-Year Seminar: “The Legend of King Arthur in Literature and Film” German 89S.02
MEDREN 290AS-1 Topics in Renaissance British Literature English 290AS-1
MEDREN 290S-1 Special Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Literature English 290S-1
MEDREN 303 Ancient and Medieval Epic Classical Studies 204
MEDREN 304 The Problem of Love in Western Literature Italian 225, Literature 205
MEDREN 305 The Viking Age German 261, History 256
MEDREN 305S The Viking Age German 261S, History 256S
MEDREN 312 Introduction to Italian Literature I Italian 332
MEDREN 314 Introduction to Spanish Literature I Spanish 332
MEDREN 315 The Legend of King Arthur in Literature and Film German 270, English 286
MEDREN 320S Chaucer I English 332S
MEDREN 321 Chaucer II English 333
MEDREN 330 Shakespeare English 235, Theater Studies 222
MEDREN 330.01 Shakespeare and Contemporaries ENGLISH 235.01, THEATRST 222.01
MEDREN 331 Shakespeare through 1600 English 336, Theater Studies 336
MEDREN 332 Shakespeare after 1600 English 337, Theater Studies 337
MEDREN 334S Late Medieval Literature and Culture English 331S
MEDREN 336S Shakespeare on Nature English 236S, Theater Studies 236S
MEDREN 336S.01 Shakespeare: On Nature ENGLISH 236S.01, THEATRST 237S.01
MEDREN 337S Milton English 338S
MEDREN 338S Boccaccio’s Decameron Italian 338S.01
MEDREN 338S.01 Boccaccio’s Decameron Italian 338S.01
MEDREN 338SA Boccaccio's Decameron Italian 338SA, Literature 338SA
MEDREN 341 Dante’s Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise Italian 281, Religion 262, Literature 245, History 253
MEDREN 342A Dante and the Art of Hell Italian 342A, Art History 342A, Literature 342A
MEDREN 343 Cities and City Life in Italy Italian 383, History 237, Cultural Anthropology 383
MEDREN 343A Cities and City Life in Italy Italian 383A, History 237A, Cultural Anthropology 383A
MEDREN 344S Shakespeare Studio Theater Studies 246S, English 203S
MEDREN 345 The Devil’s Pact: Faust and the Faust Tradition German 370, Literature 240
MEDREN 346 The History of the Book Classical Studies 360, Information Science + Studies 360, History 367
MEDREN 347 Idealistic Nature: The Literature, Philosophy, and Cognition of Ecology Information Science + Studies 307, English 355, Visual and Media Studies 347
MEDREN 348S Medieval Latin Latin 376S
MEDREN 390.01 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies: “The Renaissance” English 290.07
MEDREN 390S.01 Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Studies: “Shakespeare Now and Then” English 390S-7.02, Theater Studies 290S-1.02
MEDREN 390S.01 French Fables and Fairy Tales Literature 390S.03, French 390S.01
MEDREN 458 Spanish Literature of the Renaissance and the Baroque Spanish 410
MEDREN 459 Golden Age Literature: Cervantes Spanish 411
MEDREN 473 What Machiavelli Really Says Italian 483, History 405, Literature 483, Political Science 483
MEDREN 474S Dante at Duke and in the World Italian 479S, Literature 479S
MEDREN 601S Moliere: The Phenomenon of Laughter French 525S, Theater Studies 521S
MEDREN 603 Dante’s Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise Italian 582, Literature 582
MEDREN 605 Introduction to Old English English 505
MEDREN 607 History of the German Language German 560, Linguistics 560
MEDREN 608S Medieval and Renaissance Latin Latin 508S
MEDREN 609S Old Norse: Introduction to the Language of Viking Scandinavia German 510S, Linguistics 562S
MEDREN 615S Dante Studies Italian 583S, Literature 583S
MEDREN 618S Boccaccio Studies Italian 584S, Literature 584S
MEDREN 625S Chaucer and His Contexts English 532S
MEDREN 630S Shakespeare: Special Topics English 536S
MEDREN 632S Special Topics in Renaissance Prose and Poetry: 1500 to 1660 English 538S
MEDREN 637S Shakespeare & Co.: English Renaissance Drama English 537S
MEDREN 642 Medieval Fictions French 530, Literature 541
MEDREN 647S Latin Palaeography Latin 584S
MEDREN 647S.01 Latin Paleography Latin 584S.01
MEDREN 648 The Legacy of Greece and Rome Classical Studies 568
MEDREN 690S-1 Special Topics in Middle English Literature: 1100 to 1500 English 530S
MEDREN 690S-2 Topics in Renaissance Studies Italian 590S-1