Philosophy and Religion

Number Title Crosslistings
MEDREN 268 Islamic Civilization I Religion 375, Cultural Anthropology 256, History 210, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 122, Ethics Elective, Information Science + Studies, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 269 Islamic Civilization II Religion 376, Cultural Anthropology 257, History 211, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 185, International Comparative Studies, Ethics Elective, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 281 Religion, Reform, and Violence in Early Modern Europe History 257, International Comparative Studies
MEDREN 287 Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400 History 260, Science & Society 260
MEDREN 337S Milton English 338S
MEDREN 347 Idealistic Nature: The Literature, Philosophy, and Cognition of Ecology Information Science + Studies 307, English 355, Visual and Media Studies 347
MEDREN 352S Andalusia: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Spain Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 319S, Religion 214S, Jewish Studies 319S, Romance Studies 319S
MEDREN 354 Medieval Christianity in Film and Fiction Religion 261, History 244, English 254
MEDREN 357 Jews and Muslims, Judaism and Islam Jewish Studies 256, Religion 212, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 216, History 294, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 430S Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages History 462S
MEDREN 450 Dante’s Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise Italian 481, Religion 262, Literature 245, History 253
MEDREN 550 Early to Medieval Christianity Church History 750
MEDREN 556S Religion, Conflict and Holy War in the Pre-Modern West: Sects and Violence History 506S
MEDREN 575S Religion and Society in the Age of the Reformation History 523S
MEDREN 603 Dante’s Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise Italian 582, Literature 582
MEDREN 655 Early Christian Asceticism Religion 634, Study of Sexualities, Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies
MEDREN 659 Justice, Law, and Commerce in Islam Religion 660, African & African American Studies 575, International Comparative Studies, Islamic Studies
MEDREN 662 Origen Religion 632
MEDREN 664 Augustine Religion 633
MEDREN 669S Medieval Philosophy Philosophy 618S
MEDREN 672 The Christian Mystical Tradition in the Medieval Centuries. Religion 742
MEDREN 676 The English Reformation