Michael Cornett

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Director, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Office location

340B Trent Hall, Box 90656, Durham, NC 27708

Mailing address

Box 90656, Durham, NC 277080656

(919) 681-8883


Michael Cornett (MA, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is the Associate Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Duke's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and he is the Managing Editor of the award-winning Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies published by Duke University Press. Dr. Cornett is a Term Member of the Graduate Faculty (2019-2023) and teaches workshops on medieval paleography at Duke, and serves on the Dean's Humanities Team. He is a former president of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, during which time he developed the ever-popular “Chat with an Editor” program at the Modern Language Association Convention, running each year since 2001, which pairs authors with journal editors in one-on-one conferences to discuss matters of journal publishing. Dr. Cornett has published, with Jana Argersinger, “The Profession of Journal Editing and the Intellectual Life of the Academy,” an edited collection of essays in the MLA journal Profession, as well as articles in Papers on Language and Literature and The Ben Jonson Journal: Literary Contexts in the Age of Elizabeth, James, and Charles, and he has edited several CELJ special sessions on journal publishing for the Journal of Scholarly Publishing. He also has served frequently as a judge in CELJ's annual journal awards competition and as chair of CELJ’s Mediation Board, which helps to resolve conflicts between authors and journal publishers, and he serves on the editorial board of College Literature (Johns Hopkins University Press). Michael Cornett has also published poetry in issues of Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska Press).